Board of Trustees

The role of the Itla’s Board of Trustees is to define the Foundation’s strategy and policy guidelines. The Board of Trustees meets 6–8 times a year. The Chairperson of the Board is Tuomas Kurttila, Executive Director of the Helsinki Mother and Child Home Association, and the Vice Chairperson is Sanna Vesikansa, Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki.

Ordinary members

Chairperson: Tuomas Kurttila, Executive Director, the Helsinki Mother and Child Home Association
Vice Chairperson: Sanna Vesikansa, Deputy Major for Social Services and Health Care, the City of Helsinki
Maria Kaisa Aula, Chairperson, Family Federation of Finland; Permanent State Secretary, Ministry of Finance
Petri Pohjonen, Director-General, Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities
Mirjam Kalland, Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Helsinki; Chairperson, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
Riitta Särkelä, Executive Director, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters
Terhi Päivärinta, Director (Education and Culture), Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

Deputy members

Johanna Laisaari, Project Manager, Prime Minister’s Office
Mikko Mäkelä, the Head of Early Childhood Education, the City of Järvenpää
Hanna Heinonen, Chief Executive Officer, Central Union for Child Welfare
Arto Willman, Welfare Manager, City of Oulu
Jorma Komulainen, Pediatrician, Editor-in-Chief of Current Care Guidelines, Finnish Medical Society Duodecim
Mikko Mikkola, CEO, Juho Vainio Foundation; ombudsman, Onni and Helmi Karttunen Foundation
Tuire Santamäki-Vuori, Director of the Department of Welfare, National Institute for Health and Welfare