According to the Foundation’s by-laws, the role of Itla’s delegation is to monitor, support and promote the operations of the Foundation. As a statutory task, the delegation provides the Speaker’s Council of the Parliament with a report on the Foundation’s operations annually. In addition, the delegation elects the members and deputy members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and may dismiss them mid-term. The Foundation’s by-laws may be changed or annulled only if supported by the majority of the delegation.

The Parliament elects the members of the delegation from the Members of Parliament. Itla’s first delegation was appointed in a plenary session on 23 February 2018 and the delegation had its first meeting on 21 March 2018.

Itla’s second delegation was selected in the plenary session on Tuesday, 18 June 2019. The Chairperson of the delegation is Mirka Soinikoski (Greens) and the Vice Chairperson is Eeva-Johanna Eloranta (Social Democrats).

The delegation meets twice a year.

The delegation as of 18 June 2019


Eeva-Johanna Eloranta (SDP), Vice Chairperson
Riitta Mäkinen (SDP)
Ari Koponen (FP)
Sanna Antikainen (FP)
Anna-Kaisa Ikonen (NCP)
Ville Kaunisto (NCP)
Hilkka Kemppi (Centre)
Mirka Soinikoski (Greens), Chairperson
Pia Lohikoski (LA)

Deputy members

Kimmo Kiljunen (SDP)
Johanna Ojala-Niemelä (SDP)
Juha Mäenpää (FP)
Sheikki Laakso (FP)
Terhi Koulumies (NCP)
Pekka Aittakumpu (Centre)
Pasi Kivisaari (Centre)
Noora Koponen (Greens)
Mikko Ollikainen (SPP)