Itla promotes social discussion and competence concerning child and family policy by organising short- and long-term education and training for stakeholders that are important for the well-being of children.

In 2020–2022, education and training activities will focus particularly on:

  • management training that brings together the different operational sectors of the society; and 
  • implementation of evidence-based practices aimed at supporting families with children and children’s growth as well as the creation of regional structures. This training will be carried out in cooperation with partners. 

Leadership training aimed at decision-makers

A people- and service-oriented leadership style plays a key role in shaping social child policy and in developing a high-quality service system for children and families. The purpose of education and training is to promote a solid knowledge base and innovation in child and family policy. 

Finland carries out a great deal of good service activities for children and families, but they are often siloed in terms of sectors and professions. The practical implementation of multiprofessional cooperation in the field of well-being is still being learned. There is also a great deal of information that needs to be transformed into effective activities. In addition, the child and family sector needs genuinely new practices in order to develop a child-positive Finland. Leadership is a catalyst activity that affects what is done, how it is done and how successful it is.

Good solutions are based on: 

  • knowledge and competence 
  • the ability to reform 
  • agile organising 
  • building the ability to cooperate beyond sectoral boundaries 
  • trust; and 
  • skilled leadership. 

To expedite future-oriented development that crosses the boundaries of different sectors, Itla Children’s Foundation invites the decision-makers, leaders and influencers of questions related to the well-being of children to come together and learn by organising long-term Childhood Builders leadership trainings.

The first Childhood Builders training will begin in spring 2020 and then in 2021. The training provides a platform for future work with multiple perspectives and the opportunity for testing, refining and implementing new ideas in practice together and alone. Parties invited to participate in the training groups include Members of Parliament, leaders from ministries and government agencies, leaders and service leaders from cities, municipalities and the church, leaders from associations acting in the field of child and family policy as well as leaders from companies producing services for children, families and adolescents.

The total duration of the training is approximately 10 months.

You can also let us know if you are interested in participating in our training!


Marika Tammeaid

Kehitysjohtaja, Director of Development, Utvecklingsdirektör
050 340 9798

Competence support for implementing evidence-based practices and creating regional structures

In cooperation with MIELI Mental Health Finland and the LAPE Academy, which is a part of the Programme to Address Reform in Child and Family Services, Itla is currently providing regions with competence support to implement evidence-based practices and to promote the creation of a regional structure. 

In the next few years, the objective is to ensure the availability of training and consultation concerning various validated practices and interventions all over Finland. The equal well-being of children and families requires building a national evidence-based operating model. The key parts of the model include building a training and consultation model concerning services, interventions and practices as a national system that guarantees equal opportunities for children and families in terms of utilising practices and interventions regardless of where they live in Finland. 


Petra Kouvonen

Johtaja, Director, Direktör
041 455 2280