Itla Children’s Foundation


The Itla Children’s Foundation promotes and supports the wellbeing, equality and position of children and families with children living in Finland, and contributes to building a good future for them.


The activities of the Itla Children’s Foundation are evidence-based. The objective is to promote the application of knowledge in all of children’s growth environments and related decision-making. Activities that are based on scientific evidence improve the effectiveness of operations and, consequently, the wellbeing of children and families with children.


The Itla Children’s Foundation evaluates and distributes evidence-based methods that can be used to support children’s good growth and parenthood. The evaluated, evidence-based methods can be found on the Early Intervention website at The methods are mainly intended to support the work of professionals. The joint Early Intervention project of the Itla Children’s Foundation and the Finnish Association for Mental Health distributes four programmes in Finland. Early Intervention is part of the government programme to address reform in child and family services (Lape).


In the future, the Itla Children’s Foundation will also provide evidence-based information targeted at parents and other child-rearers.


An important part of the Itla Foundation’s work is to influence national decision-making and child and family-related policy by providing decision-makers with evidence-based information and connecting different parties into a network focusing on scientific evidence.


By using scientific evidence, we aim to prevent inequality amongst children and guarantee equal opportunities for all children.


The Itla Children’s Foundation was established in 1987 by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Central Union for Child Welfare to mark the 70th anniversary of Finland’s independence. In December 2017, in celebration of the centenary of Finland’s independence, Parliament made a celebratory decision to donate EUR 50 million in assets to the Itla Children’s Foundation and appoint a delegation of Members of Parliament to monitor, support and promote the foundation’s work.


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