Itla Children’s Foundation and will this year be hosting the NordicDataPrev annual thematic seminar on the 20th of October 2020. The issue for the thematic meeting is Evidence-based interventions for children and families in current policy and practices – lessons learned during COVID-19. The thematic seminar will be hosted in Zoom.

The way we present and communicate research evidence is an actual theme in the Nordic countries as well as elsewhere in the world. Currently, this is more striking than ever, since research evidence and how it is used and communicated into policy and practice has been one of the big issues during the year 2020 when countries all over the world have sought solutions to how to handle the corona crises.

The influence of the corona crises on EB-routine practices will be touched upon during the thematic seminar by Professor Heleen Riper, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Invited for the guest professorship at the University of Turku sponsored by The Itla Children’s Foundation.

Heleen Riper is a professor of eMental-Health at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and works as well at GGZ inGeest a large mental health service organization in the Amsterdam region. She is an honorary professor of Telepsychiatry at the University of Southern Denmark. Over the past 20 years, her research focus has been on the development, evaluation, and implementation of innovative eMental-Health interventions for common mental disorders from prevention to treatment. The scope of her current research activities includes the use of mobile health and combined online and face to face (‘blended’) treatments for depression, anxiety, and substance use-related disorders. New methodological challenges include the development and evaluation of mobile ecological momentary assessments and interventions (EMA/EMI), patient-centered design, and digital phenotyping. is one of the four databases that together form the network NordicDataPrev. Learn more about

The overall goal of the NordicDataPrev-network is:

  • to provide an evidence base for improved health and social services, treatment, preventive, and health-promoting initiatives for people living in the Nordic countries and the autonomous territories.
  • to improve communication of available evidence to professionals and decision-makers.

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Please do notice the time zone:

12–3 pm in the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands (1–4 pm in the Finnish time).

The programme

12.00 Opening words

CEO, Petri Virtanen, Itla Children’s foundation


12.10 Short background to the NordicDataPrev-network – background, scope and aims

Chief Editor, professor Monica Martinussen, Ungsinn/University of Tromsø

Development Director, Petra Kouvonen, Itla Children’s Foundation/Kasvun tuki


12.30 From EB digital mental health research practices towards implementation in routine care: before, during and after COVID-19

Professor Helen Riper, Full Professor eMental-Health/clinical psychology, Vrije Universitet Amsterdam




1.30 Lunch break


2.00 Digitalized solutions during COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Telephone-assisted parent training in specialized child and family services
    • Professor Andre Sourander, Senior Researcher Marjo Kurki, Research Coordinator Malin Kinnunen
  • ICBT for parents to cope with child’s anxiety
    • Professor Andre Sourander, Research Coordinator Terja Ristkari ja Psychologist Tarja Korpilahti-Laino

Research Centre for Child Psychiatry, University of Turku, Finland


3.00 Closing of the seminar

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