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Development work is focused on three levels 

The mission of Early Intervention KI is to promote the adoption of effective psychosocial methods for children, young people and families at three different levels within the service system: nationally, regionally and locally.   

At the national level, the aim is to promote the selection of evidence-based effective methods for national dissemination. We increase understanding of the methods’ effectiveness, adaptation and monitoring to support decision-making.
At the regional level, the aim is to strengthen the implementation competence of psychosocial methods in wellbeing services counties by providing necessary and useful support for systematic implementation based on research data.
Locally, tools are created to promote mental health by modelling psychosocial support and mental health support policies for both schools and families with serious illnesses. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between organisations in the field of social and health care and the education administration.

Starting points of the project 

The starting point for the project is existing legislation and support for the division of work enabled by legislation. The national method evaluation and implementation must be seen as a whole, where the division of work and processes are jointly agreed and clear. 

In the Early Intervention KI project, it is essential that permanent activities are created to support national implementation and, in particular, the tasks defined in the centralisation decree for special health care. In addition to social and health care, the development work focuses on the education administration and related student welfare.

Effective methods and availability of services 

The psychosocial method chosen for national dissemination must: 

  • be evidence-based 
  • respond to an identified need for support 
  • be suitable for the target group 

The project promotes equal access to effective mental health services for children and young people, regardless of region. By increasing cooperation between different professional groups, we aim to improve basic services and ensure equal access to effective mental health services for children and young people in the services of wellbeing services counties and in connection with the municipal educational administration. 

Further information 

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